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About Us

Monica and Liz

Who We Are

We are Monica Wishnousky and Liz Clarke! 

Liz works in post-secondary education while dreaming up new garlic recipes in her down time.  Monica is enjoying her “retirement” while developing a vibrant market farming operation. Check out Monica’s delicious jams, preserves and pickles, all with local ingredients, at our sister operation, W Conspiracy Farm. 

We met in 2022 while volunteering on a local committee and discovered a common interest in growing garlic on a moderate scale. We celebrated our first garlic harvest in August 2023. 

Our Story

This picture accurately captures our first planting, entirely done by hand. All 7800 cloves of garlic! 

We learned so much that year and our first purchase/investment was into a planter that allowed us to plant 5400 cloves in just three hours without planting a single clove upside down!

We are on a continuous learning curve it seems, both feeling as though we have been to self-imposed Garlic University for the last two years. This includes learning how to augment the soil, harvest efficiently, store and cure the garlic, and how to develop garlic products that seem to be popular with a wider and wider group of happy customers.

Monica and Liz
Monica and Liz

What We Do

We grow and cure Ontario garlic which we offer for sale both online and at our many events. For 2024, we have planted the following varieties: Music, Korean Wildfire, Marino, Mexican Purple, Thai. Garlic is typically cured and ready by September. 

In season, we have garlic scapes available. Typically this means roughly mid June to mid July however this will vary season to season.

Monica has discovered a previously hidden talent for dehydrating garlic and creating stunningly tasty spice blends. This year, Monica is expanding the herb garden and promises even more herby, garlicky blends. In fact, did you know we produce TWO different kinds of garlic powder – Don’t Stop Me Now Garlic Powder and Killer Garlic Powder. Who knew that a blend of the special varieties (Thai and Korean Wildfire) would produce a completely different flavoured garlic powders! Killer Garlic Powder is available in limited quantities for a limited time in early fall.

Monica has also perfected Garlic Scape Mustard, which will be making a return as soon as the scapes return.

Liz enjoys experimenting with our garlic and creating delicious spreads and dips. During scape season, this resulted in Lemon Garlic Scape Pesto, Lemon Garlic Scape Butter, and Garlic Scape Cheese Spread. We are working on themed names for these products – stay tuned OR email us your suggestions for names of these seasonally available products.

With our actual garlic harvest came three new products: Good Old Fashioned Roasted Garlic Butter, You’re My Best Friend Roasted Garlic Cheese Spread, and Another One Bites The Dust Spicy Garlic Cheese Spread. 

What more can we make happen, and how fast?
Watch this space to find out!